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Welcome to my blog.


I use this space to post short updates about my work and the like. If there's anything you'd like to see or ask me about, feel free to leave a comment here. You can also tweet me @angelajmcd.

My short research presentation for grad students (or anyone! I'll probably revisit these myself, who am I kidding.)

By Angela, Oct 29 2018 02:26PM

I was invited to give a presentation about how to successfully present your research, aimed mostly at new grad students. It offered me a chance to reflect and think a lot about all the things (yes, some of them are pretty neurotic) that I do when I need to effectively communicate about my research AND manage myself before/during/after giving a talk. Bill Hammond organized the event for the Botany Graduate Student Organization, and I believe they'll be hosting more of these in the future. If you are interested in sharing your tips, let Bill know! He can be reached on twitter @wmhammond. It was a fun time and the group had a lot of thoughtful questions for me.

You can find the slides for my presentation by following this link.

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