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Hi and welcome!


I recently completed my PhD in the Department of Plant Biology, Ecology, & Evolution at Oklahoma State University with Dr. Mark Fishbein, where I focused on systematics, taxonomy, and evolution of the largest radiation of milkweeds in the New World, or the milkweed vine subtribe Gonolobinae. I'm specifically intrigued by Matelea subgenus Chthamalia because of their adaptations to aridity. These plants are (mostly) flat on the ground, have very small flowers, and are covered with trichomes. I'm using a genomic dataset of chloroplast genomes and 768 nuclear regions to reconstruct the evolutionary history and placement in the subtribe and answer some questions about how different morphologies evolved and assess their ecological and evolutionary significance.


I also work on phylogenomics and population genomics in Australian Solanum (and a few other groups that share similar habitats!) as a part of my current position as the Burpee Postdoctoral Fellow in the Martine Lab at Bucknell University.


On this site you can find my cv and related information as well as images of some of the cool places I've been lucky enough to visit and my blog, where I try to post updates and news.


I am always happy to answer questions about my research or discuss potential collaborations!

Post-doc at

Bucknell University

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